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    East Anglia Cardiology

    Set up by Paul Smith in 2010, East Anglia Cardiology has become a popular and affordable peripatetic referral service for dogs and cats with heart disease. Paul, a RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, is able to work up cases at primary care practices. He presently travels to over seventy practices in East Anglia on a case-by-case basis.

  • Suitable Cases

    Suitable Cases

    Paul is able to investigate dogs or cats with heart disease. Investigations carried out at the primary care practice include standard and ambulatory ECG monitoring, echocardiography and blood pressure measurement. Specialist equipment required to perform the investigations is provided (this includes a computerized ECG machine, GE Vivid q portable ultrasound system, portable ultrasound table, Holter recorders, high-definition oscillometric blood pressure monitor).

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    Types of Referral

    It is possible to carry out either a full or part referral. A ‘part referral’ is one in which the pet is admitted to the practice prior to the investigation, and it is the responsibility of the referring veterinary surgeon to communicate the results to the owner. A ‘full referral’ includes a specialist consultation with the owner prior to and after the investigation. The latter is preferred where a clinical history may help Paul to place the findings into context or where the owner wishes to speak directly with a Specialist.

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    The mobile service is competitively priced, with the fees charged to the primary practice typically being less than half those charged by many Specialist Centres for the same investigations. Additionally, no charge is made to drive to the practice. For a full list of charges, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Arranging a Referral

    Arranging a Referral

    Referrals should be arranged by the primary care practice. In order to comply with RCVS out-of-hours regulations Paul is only able to see cases at their own veterinary practice (i.e., Paul cannot accept referrals from one practice to another).

  • Going Green - electric car

    Going Green

    Since June 2017 Paul has been travelling to practices almost exclusively in an electric car, all charging being carried out using electricity generated from a 100 % renewable energy tariff.

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